Naturear in Cary, North Carolina - I've had problems with all hearing aids

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I've purchased the really cheap hearing aids to the more expensive hearing aids. They all have died completely within one year.

I even purchased the cleaning tools that they all said that I needed to keep the hearing aids working beyond a year. They are extremely over-priced for the technology that goes into them. They are a major industry for ripping off the consumer. Hearing aids are not covered by insurance, probably because of these facts.

They are equally important as eye glasses are, but it is still considered an optional resource. Hearing aids belong in regular retail markets at a substantually reduced price. I think $20.00 per aid is plenty for what you get. But I suspect that people would easily pay $100.00 a pair per year if they were readily available.

The ITE types should always be made with silicone for the insert part, otherwise, they cut the inside of the ear and cause infections. Many issues here to be addressed.



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Hearing Aid

NaturEar has another thing that bothers me about the way they do business. On the side of each hearing aid is clearly stamped "NaturEar." But when you have problems with the product, they tell you it is NOT their product, but rather is manufactured by a third party and therefore they are not responsible for the actual quality of the product or the replacement of the product.

This means that they are buying the product or at least dropping shipping the product and passing it off in their ads as their product and then not standing by it when it fails. I had to pay for repairs when the product failed and they came back in worse shape than when I sent them in for repair. One of them was completely sliced on one side of the aid.

They are frauds. :(

Well, I have to believe you that NaturEar is not what they're all cracked up to be. I purchased an aid that I could not get to work properly.

Prior to sending back, I told of a problem with my credit card company. Their policy (supposedly) is to only credit the original card of purchase. Even though I did not receive another credit card, they told me it was my problem to have the credit company send me the check. Then they started telling me I am being fradulent and all of these other lies and justifications just to cover their butts.

They can't even sign a name to their emails. They don't call you when you have asked repeatedly because of a problem. Now, I don't care about the money. I just want more people to read this and think twice about purchasing a product from NaturEar.

Their customer service blows and so do their hearing devices in my opinion! Don't buy from them!

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I have ordered several hearing aids from naturear. I bought one from an audiologist at twice the price and it too died after a year so as others have said, hearing aids do not last long.

I like my naturear and when I did have a problem, I called and got excellent service. They replaced one for free when it was defective and replaced one style with another without any hassle when I didn't care for the first style.

I had a friend who also had good service. A good product at a reasonable price.

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